Vet2Vet Transgender LGBT Veterans Support Group

Veteran to Veteran, Peer Support Group - We have been there, We can help.

Vet2Vet Transgender LGBT Peer Support Group
Our Groups are currently meeting virtually

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We have partnered with Transgender Veterans Support Group International,
which is 501(c)3 non-profit. To be able to offer more support group meeting.

Vet2Vet.LGBT Transgender LGBT Peer Support Group and TVSG International
Meeting Schedule and links to join the meeting via Zoom

TVSG - Wednesday's 8:00pm est

Vet2Vet.LGBT - Thursday's 11:00am est

Vet2Vet.LGBT - Thursday's 7:00pm est

TVSG - Saturday's 12:00pm est

Vet2Vet.LGBT and TVSG have a joint Discord Server.
Which is currently a work in process, in getting everything set up.
You are free to join and help in this.

Discord servers offer video, voice and text chat options. You are able to download an app or run the server in the web browser on any device.

TVSG has a Facebook Group as well, if you would like to join them there.

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All veterans are welcome at our groups.

We have been there, we can help.

We are are veterans supporting other veterans, though our struggles and our good times.